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April 8, 2021

Continual Creativity

The creative state of mind is one whose interest in what is being done is wholehearted and total, like that of a young child. With this spirit, a person is always open to learning what is new, to perceiving new differences and new similarities, leading to new orders and structures, rather than always tending to impose familiar orders and structures in the field of what is seen. (Physicist David Bohm)

Creativity can be defined as coming up with something that’s new and of value.

“Of value” can mean the value of Truth, or of Beauty, or of Usefulness. Creativity’s value can be manifested in works of art, in new insights, in problem-solving in any endeavor, or in the spontaneous play of human interactions.

Creativity is new ways of perceiving, new ways of understanding, new ways of putting things together, new ways of relating, new ways of responding to circumstances, new ways of investing oneself, new ways of interacting with the world.

The habitual is a strategy for staying alive; creativity is a strategy for feeling alive.

The habitual plays to avoid defeat; creativity is a way of playing to win.

The habitual finds comfort in the familiar; creativity finds excitement in the unexpected.

The habitual lessens stress by predictability; creativity expands awareness through newness.

(Thoughts from writer Andy, good friend of Jack Gill)

Thought-Starters for Sharing

  1. How does defining creativity as newness alter your view of yourself?
  2. How has newness/creativity been a long-term positive aspect of your life?
  3. How has newness/creativity been a positive part of life recently?
  4. What kind of mental or emotional effect does being creative have on you?
  5. What habitual way of being, thinking, behaving has prevented your experience of newness/creativity?
  6. What people have influenced you toward being creative and risking newness?

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